Teflon Bellow Seal

Seal Type : MSI-301TB

The Type MSI-301TB is Externally mounted low pressure mechanical seal with metal free contact parts due to corrosive pumping media.Series MSI-301TB is designed for highly corrosive chemicals such as concentrared acids, chemically active organic compound, Corrosive and Abbrasive liquid.

This seals are independent of direction of rotation.Seal ring face can be changed or replaced due to its design feature.The face is positively driven by integral lugs which is on bellow,it imparts smooth drive to the face.

Product Features:
  • Single Acting
  • Independent in the Direction of Rotation
  • Internally Mounted
  • Extremely Corrosive Services
  • Acids & Alkalies
Material of Construction:
Seal body : AISI 316, Alloy-20, Hastelloy C
Seal Faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Ceramic ( 99.5% ), PTFE, GFT, CFT
Springs : AISI 316, Alloy-20, Hastelloy C
Elastomers :  PTFE, GFT, CFT
Operating Limits:
Pressure: upto 6 Bar
Temperature: -20°C to +100°C
Shaft Dia: 18mm to 100mm
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